Software Tools
•    Printed Circuit Board Design: Mentor Graphics dxdesigner (schematic capture), PADS (pcb layout design) and Cam 350
•    Mechanical Design: Solidworks 3D CAD, Draftsight (2D)
•    Thermal Simulation: Solidworks Flow Simulation (CFD)
•    Vibration Analysis: Solidworks Simulation Professional (FEA)

Pascall’s drawing office is staffed by professionally qualified drafts people who have wide ranging experience of drafting and drawing office procedures supported by computer aided design and drafting facilities.

The latest in Computer Aided Design (CAD) packages are employed within our Drawing Office to provide printed circuit layout and mechanical design services. The close integration of these CAD design tools with our simulation tools assists in a “Right first time” design approach.

Our printed circuit board design staff support manufacturing with electronic format information for parts lists, Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), surface mount programs and paste screens in addition to 2D assembly drawings.

Solid modelling allows for presentation, general assemblies, parts list, technical drawings and production drawings to be created quickly and accurately. These models can in turn be shared with our customers and suppliers to ensure accuracy of product.

Use of Finite Element Analysis tools are used to ensure that the designs satisfy both thermal and mechanical requirements. Early use of these tools reduces risk of non-compliance's being discovered at later stages of the design where they are much more difficult and costly to resolve.

In accordance with the industries that we service we maintain full configuration and change control of both our designs and our product range.

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